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    Midget Tryouts Schedule 

    Midget U-15(2004) 3/18/2019 Monday 6:00 PM WW
    Midget U-16(2003) 3/18/2019 Monday 7:00 PM WW
    Midget U-18(2002/2001) 3/18/2019 Monday 8:00 PM WW
    Midget U-15(2004) 3/19/2019 Tuesday 6:00 PM PC
    Midget U-16(2003) 3/19/2019 Tuesday 7:00 PM PC
    Midget U-18(2002/2001) 3/21/2019 Thursday 9:00 PM WW
    1. Game Knowledge- knowledgeble coaches, game situations, hockey IQ, offense, defense situation, breakouts etc
    2. Sports Specific technique and skills- Practices ratios, Skill sessions games, and goalie training
    3. Athletic Performance -  Parisi Speed School, speed, strength, flexibility, injury prevention, self confidence

    Success in the Winter Season Begins in the Off-Season!

    Improve player strength, speed, agility, flexibility, injury prevention, and self-confidence.

    Parisi Speed School of RI

    Athletic Performance Paradigm

    The RI Saints play in the top Elite League in the Country.


    Rhode Island Saints Program Offering