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    Smithfield COVID-19

    Today new sports guidance will be posted on ReopeningRI.  As the Governor announced today, the Pause will end on Dec. 20.  A return to Phase 3 sports and indoor facility guidance, with a few important revisions, will begin on Dec. 21.  For ease and convenience please see highlights below.  I encourage everyone to read the entire guidance document for more detail.  As always, I am here if there are any questions. 


    • No Games or Competitions: Sports in ALL risk categories shall not participate in games, scrimmages or competitive play with in-state or out-of-state teams. Lower and Moderate Risk Sports should focus on practice and drills that avoid sustained, close contact. Higher Risk Sports should focus on individual conditioning and skill development at home, alone or with household members.
    • No Out-of-State Sports: All sports organizations are prohibited from participating in tournaments, matches, games, competitions, camps, clinics and practices with out-of-state teams or sporting groups (except for professional and intercollegiate programs).
    • Indoor Sports Facility Capacity: One person per 150 square feet, in accordance with executive orders and RIDOH regulations. Facilities may have stricter requirements based on the configuration of their facility, staffing or other issues.
    • Curfew: Indoor sports facilities are subject to the statewide curfew, which requires closing at 10 pm Sunday through Thursday, and at 10:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, until further notice.
    • Clarification of the definition of “sports organizations”: This includes organizations or individuals that operate sports leagues, camps and clinics.
    • Face Coverings: Face coverings are required at all times, for all sports participants and spectators, indoors and outside.
    • Contact Tracing: Indoor sports facilities must collect and maintain contract tracing information for 30 days.  Sports organizations are strongly encouraged to collect contact tracing information and maintain the same for 30 days.
    • Pending COVID-19 Tests: Participants (athletes, coaches, officials, spectators, etc.) with pending COVID-19 tests should not attend games, practices or any sports activity until a negative test result is received, unless they are part of routine asymptomatic testing programs. Sports organizations are strongly encouraged to develop disciplinary policies to penalize persons who violate this provision.
    • Gatherings: Indoor sports facilities and sports organizations should discourage coaches, parents and players from gathering before and after games and practices and should discourage in person meetings and social events.